Nafiseh Roshan Says About living with Her Pilot husband

Nafiseh Roshan is one of the most popular actresses in Iran . She has married about two years . Her Husband is a hardworking , skilled and experienced pilot . When we asked her how is living with a pilot ? She replied . It’s so difficult . Because during this 2 years , we could not have any real and complete tripping together , and the planning for getting a trip is so hard .because my husband is usually busy for driving aircraft . His plan is very compacted .

One of the most significant difficulties of living with a pilot is his absence in the moments that I Expect to be near me . When we asked her , How do you manage these difficulties ? She Said , when there is a deep love and mutual understanding in life , all of your problems will be solved automatically . He consulted me about selecting scenarios and the quality of playing them . When we asked her what do you do , when you are nervous ? She Said I try to read books and watching Films . But sleeping is more enjoyable in comparison to all of them . She Continued , We don’t think to having a child yet . Firstly we agreed to do all our recreation programming . When we asked which of couple tripping was more memorable ? She replied , The First trip was . 

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