Elnaz Shakerdoust great interest to the tourist attractions in Europe



Elnaz Shakerdoost Is the second child in her  family who has an older brother and a younger sister ,Elnaz Shakerdoost Looks much like His brother ” Ali Shakerdoost ” . Her father is a merchant of industrial tools and  her mother is a housewife. She graduated In the field of Theatre from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture  Azad University of Tehran. The strangest thing in her life, her best friend, is  ”Gohar Kheyr Andish ” Who

is at least 30 years older than her. She began acting in the theater. At the age of nineteen, By Acting In The movie ” Ice Flower ” which was directed by Kiomars Pourahmad , She began Her Acting In The Cinema . 
And within less than a year she played Roles  in four movies. Her First movie ”Ice Flower ” Written and directed by Kiomars Pourahmad and Produced by Gholamreza Musavi . In the period of 56 days had 163 million USD sales . Elnaz Shakerdoust is interested in traveling . She has seen the Most tourist attractions in the world nearly . She traveled to Turkey and Saw Turkey’s tourist attractions . Also Traveled to Venice, Italy and Released  beautiful photos of  Italy Venice,  tourist attractions , Elnaz Shakerdoost also Likes Music and She Says : My Favorite singer is Kurt Cobain the founder and songwriter  of  Nirvana Music band ! She Released These Photos on her instagram page and Showed her interests about tourist attractions and music.

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