The Reason of intense activity and popularity of Elnaz Shakerdoost


Elnaz Shakerdoost is one of the most famous and popular Actresses in recent decades of Iranian Cinema . She Was Discovered by Playing in the first serious role in the film of ”Ice Flower ” (Gole Yakh) , which was directed By Kiyoumars PoorAhmad . She has experienced modeling before intrance to Cinema , And due to it , She has a reflexable body and knows how to put on stylish clothes . In addition , She is Custume  designer in the fields of Cinema , Theater and Television ,

So She has mixed up the experiences in modeling and custume designing for implementation of acting better and better her roles . She has played too much roles which has gained the extra popularity among the mass of people . Then her Films usually face to high sales . The producers of the films , know her presence in the films euals to a guarantee for returning the First Capital and gaining So Much Profit For her Films , and this is the major reasons of her intense activity in Cinema . Another Reason for the successfulness of Elnaz Shakerdoost , Is the smart selection of movie-makers which making the selling movies . For example playing a role in the Film of Masood Dehnamaki Which Was Called ”Roswaee” Create extraordinary for her and the successful sales for the producer and the movie . Also She Often Selects The Films with a famous Partner . She has played with Mohammad Reza Golzar , Hamid Goodarzi , And So On .

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