Mehran Ghafourian Actor wedding

Mehran Ghafourian is a famous Iranian actor who is beloved by most of Iranians and other Persian speaking people who have watched his numerous Tv programs or movies. On top of being a successful actor and TV personality, he is a very good and funny comedian. His late stand up comedy in which he talked about his weight problems and his families interaction with him based on his TV roles (aired in in khandevaneh TV show) was very funny and worthy of a golden glob or Grammy (or both and a Oscar).

Despite his professional success he didn’t have a wife yet. Ghafourian, who is in his 40’s now, was never married, till last week. Last week in a very private ceremony Ghafourian got married in his circle of friend and family. Although he has brought up some of his interaction with his immediate family, such as his late grand father; Ghafourian is a very public shy person and protective of his family’s privacy. Therefore, The name of his wife, her age and how the got familiar with each other still remains a mystery to us and his die hard fans.

Here is a gallery of picture that he has published in his account regarding his wedding ceremony:

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