Mahnaz Afshar Presence in the Film Festival Rotterdam

Mahnaz Afshar Is an actress of cinema and television . She Began Acting in 1997  with the television series ”Lost love (Eshghe Gom Shodeh ) ” After that She Played a role in the film ” Friends ” Directed By ”Ali Shah Hatami” and Entered  to the Cinema with this Movie . With a role in the film ”love passion (Shoore Eshgh)” Became Famous . Mahnaz Afshar very close similarity With Googoosh ( One of the great women singers) Caused She Became Popular As soon As Possible And All the media pay attention to her movies .

Mahnaz Afshar was the most influential figures of the commercial cinema in the decade of  eighties . Mahnaz Afshar For the film of  Tehran to paradise (Directed By Abolfazl Safari ) In February 2013 she travelled to the Netherlands to attend the International Film Festival Rotterdam. ”Tehran To Paradise” Movie was shown in the Film Festival Rotterdam in the fifth February , And welcomed by the audience, the theater was completely filled. Awards : Honorary award for best actress of the film competition thirtieth Fajr Film Festival for the film “Snow on pine tree ” , Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress Nominated thirtieth Fajr Film Festival for the film “Wooden Bridge” , Won the Best Actress statue of Hafez celebration  , to play in the movie “third floor” Winner diploma of the best actresses of the Fourth Celebration of Film Critics and Writers for the film “third floor” , Crystal Simorgh winning the Best Actress of the twenty-ninth Fajr Film Festival for the film “Saadat Abad” , Nominated for Best Supporting Actress Golden Statue fifteenth celebration of cinema for the film “Saadat Abad”

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