Interview with Mahnaz Afshar, Mahnaz Afshar defines herself with these words

Mahnaz Afshar defines herself with these words :” A person with millions of good and bad traits But I’m So warmblooded  , Love My Friends and don’t expect them Kindness ”  Most of the roles She plays in The Cinema   provides  social and extroverted characters and She’s a Good-humored actress .Mahnaz Afshar Selects Her movie roles carefully and she prefers the quality of roles not the quantity of them ,  Mahnaz Afshar  Prefers  gray Roles to the Very positive and very negative characters  Believes that The gray  character helps the audience to  wait for the end of the film and audience is waiting for new discoveries .

Always liked to play different and strange roles , She says: “I wished that I played the role of Anthony Quinn in the hunchback of Notre Dame” Mahnaz Afshar Referred These films As the most valuable of her movies “Salade Fasl”, “ceasefire” and “invited” ٰ She Says Before the having a role in the movie ”Salad Fasl ” her roles was not seen , And was known in the movies only for her beauty , She Says About jewelry history in her family : ‘My younger brother Is active in the field of jewelry Period of 10 years Sometimes I would work with him. My Method collaboration is to  give him New design and he makes them. Mahnaz Afshar , Actress Of Cinema After Delivering a Speech about Cancer , Stated : ”Now , I Want to tell you Important News. I Have A baby And I am waiting for the birth of My Daughter . Reza kianian and Mahnaz Afshar in a ceremony that was held by the Ministry of health, They talk about “the disease of cancer”. Reza kianian, Famous actor of cinema and TV said: “Thank God that the Government officials for prevention the spread of cancer, have programs . Reza Kianian Asked the Minister of Health to Teach Students about AIDS In schools .
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