Ali Kavoosi , Irina Shayk’s program manager Answered reporters’ questions

Ali Kavoosi is Irina Shayk’s program manager  , He sets the news and work program of Irina Shayk .Except Irina Shayk he is also the program manager for several other models, When people look forward to the future and to be involved in planning , A program manager Determine the desired future and using a systematic approach of trying to ensure the future success . Ali Kavoosi plays the same role in Irina Shayk’s life , and has a significant impact on the her success and her programs and her life and Irina Shayk’s modeling Job .  Even   The medias and magazines asked him  To understand the news about Irina Shayk . and Ali Kavoosi answers the ambiguities and questions about Irina Shayk . Among all the basic functions of management are planning to form a bridge linking the present to the future. In fact, a program manager help us to have a better  future and move away from an undesirable future . Ali Kavoosi has also the  first role in Irina Shayk’s life to choose the best Decisions for her future . After Cristiano Ronaldo was present on ball of gold ceremony in Zurich without Irina Shayk , There was a lot of talk about the Disagreement between  Ronaldo and Irina Shayk . Ali Kavoosi , Irina Shayk’s  program manager Answered reporters’ questions about this topic and said : We can confirm that the relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk is finished after 5 years. Ronaldo and  Irina always had a good relationship with their  family and talk that’s the reason for this separation is Something else  is wrong. Now Irina shayk has no comment.

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