Leila Otady’s interests in her life


Leila Otady’s interests in her life  : Although the Cinema’s stars rarely attracted in TV Series or on the contrary , Tv series stars would be less successful in the Cinema . But Leila Otady has experienced playing both of them and has been successful in TV Series and Cinema . The Final TV series that she has played in TV series was called (”Zakhm”) or wound which attracted a lot of TV viewrs .

She has told in recent interview that she likes SUV cars and she owns a black Land Cruise . She has interested to read historical and Psychological books . She is hated of occuring war in the world . She said by seeing the scenes of wars and war victims , she would be severely depressed , she has been graduated in Architecture but because of being busy in Cinema and TV , She can not work on Architecture designs . She believes the psychology can help to do better all of the activities . She needs Psychology for playing better the roles in Cinema . She said that she never leaves the playing in Cinema , and even sees the other videos and films of all over the world . She likes a lot to cook the kinds of foods and cakes , and also she likes making up herself . She hasn’t married yet and has a great interest in Purchasing and shopping . She goes to fitness club every day and likes playing tennis . Leila Otadi graduated degree from the nonprofit College of higher education Architecture . She started her acting with films made by Iraj Ghadery ” black eyes” , But for the first time was seen in the TV Series directed by ” Fayyaz Mousavi  ” Sun and Moon” .


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