Restaurant interesting ideas to attract more customers


Although , working in a place like McDonald’s chain restaurant is not considered very good , but one of the waiters has changed largely this way of thinking . A girl who is named as ”xu weihan” , after recognition by a blogger , has attracted so many customers in one of the branch of a fast food store in the Kaohsiung City in Taiwan . This blogger who named ”RainDog ” introduced this beautiful girl in the form of dolls in his weblog when he saw her in this restaurant who was working with a Pink Shirt and high heels shoe . After publication of this post , received more than 6000 likes during a night for this girl . This girl even dubbed ” The most beautiful goddess of McDonald’s in the history of Taiwan ” , and this is because of wearing different themes such as nautical , etc by the female employee in this restaurant . There are so many followers in this city who come to see this big eye girl closely .

It’s interesting to know that the numbers of followers of this girl is about 29000 persons . People flooded to see this strange girl in a restaurant .

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