Niki karimi, the most successful artists in the number of international awards


Niki Karimi,is the beautiful and successful actress of our country who also activates in the fields of directory, photography, and translating too.She has won numerous awards from various international festivals and she is one of the most successful artists of our country’s cinema, in the number of international awards , also she has been at several international film festivals as a jury member.She starred by the film of “Bride” which introduce Niki Karimi to all.
This film is one of the most popular films which you have ever seen.Also she directed a short documantary film entitled “whether or not” which won the prize, named “raining”.
She has worked as an actress with the most famous directors such as: Dariush Mehrjooee, Tahmineh Milani, Ebrahim Hatamikia, Behrooz Afkhami.

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