Famous Football (Soccer) Player and His Beautiful New Girlfriend


Like any other professional sports, soccer players (or football, depending where you currently live) are one of those very looked into and followed by the pop culture and most of the time they attract beautiful models and ladies to date them.

Then, this crazy cycle will go on, because the professional sport player make the good money, have a good body (because of extreme athletic practices) and also have attractive mates will also make other ladies to date them too.

Some example of this phenomena are David Beckham and his Model wife Victoria Beckham (the former pop singer of Spice Girls and Fashion Guru and TV personality), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese national team player and Real Madrid super star) and his famous model  girlfriend Irina Shayk, Gerard Piqué (Spanish national team player and Barcelona Defense liner) and his wife Shakira (the famous singer and TV personality “The Voice” judge).

Just like the mentioned cases, Mohsen (the Perspolice team player) also has the ability to find a beautiful girl for himself. The following are Mohsen’s new fiance (guessing from the diamond engagement rings) who is also a pretty young girl and probably a model for women dresses and leather clothing.

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