Applying effective tricks in burning more calories while walking


If you have decided to burn more calories, while you’re walking and also you wish to achieve early fitness, we recommend you to apply some effective tricks. Recently studies have shown that walking 5 days a week, for half an hour increases longevity. Cardiovascular exercise reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases and diabetes. We’ re able to increase the rate of calorie burn by the following recommendation of specific changes in implementation and effectiveness of exercises:

1- Change your speed of walking:
Studies in 2015 have shown that if you decrease or increase your speed, the amount of energy consumption and burning will increase.
2- Carry out a light sinker, while you’re walking:
Studies have shown that holding 1 kilo sinker, while you’re walking, increases energy consumption and heart beat
3- Walk on slope: Walking on a ramp, increases calorie burn.
4- Use your hands in walking:
Walking with a stick in hand, will increase 67 percent of energy consumption.

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