The story of Sahar Qureishi and Omid Olumi’s marriage

Sahar Qureishi , is one of the most famous young actresses in our country. She is so beautiful and popular too.She participated in a program TV which called Night Vision and Reza RashidPour presented it.She answered in response a question about her relationship with Omid Olumi: I’m not in a position to continue my life alone. I knew already Omid and we are in nomination phase. We are spending the primary steps of our marriage. It’s notable to say Omid is one of the pop music singers and he had released so many albums and songs.

When she was asked her opinion about presidents, Ahmadi Nejhad and Rohani, she said:I don’t have any feelings and interest to politics but i saw Ahmadi Nejhad in an iftar party.I was impressed by his charisma character, when he was greeting to me.She replied about Rohani, that she thinks he has a solution and a key in front of all of problems.

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