The strangest records of Guinness

The most number of surgery operation: Cindy Jackson, has done 47 cosmetic surgery operation since 1988, including 9 perfect surgery operation, 3 facelifts surgery, 2 eye lifts and 2 nose surgery and liposuction operation. Maintaining the highest number of spoons on face: _The record of largest number of spoons who a person was able to keep on his face, is belonging to Joe Allison from England with 9 years old. He registered this record in April 2008 with 15 spoons. _The fastest time to escape from a closed suitcase: Leslie Lipton from America has recorded the fastest time, (7.04) seconds to leave a zipper suitcase in Los Angeles in 31 May 2008. _Having the longest hair’s record is belonging to Mrs Qiu Xie Ping.The last time that she has shaved her hair returned to 1973. Her hair is longer than her height. We can introduce the other strange record of Guinness for example the most expensive wedding ceremony and etc

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