Golshifteh Farahani’s New Red Carpet Photos



Golshifteh Farahani with no doubt is one of the most controversial, beautiful and famous actresses from the after IR period. She has a very interesting and enormous turns in her carrier. She had performed in couple of huge Hollywood blockbusters and got divorced from her husband and yes! she had some not conservative photo shoot with some French magazine. In this post, we are going to firstly talk about her last movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” a controversial Ridley Scott’s movie, and later on about her new photo shoot.
About the movie Exodus and her rule in the movie. Golshifteh’s rule on her previous movies have been the source of lot of chatter and crazy opinion from her supporters and cultural officials from the Iranian government. After her immigration from Iran, Golshifteh’s each move, looks like the nightmare of the cultural officials and strategic thinkers and planners in Iran. Especially because of her previous rule in Iranian movies, which where mostly the innocent young woman or the forgiving and loving mother.

Lately, her movies’ and appearances got very very risky. She played in an Afghanistan movie as a woman who has a very bad life and has no choice but to do some stuff that she doesn’t approve to pay for her expenses (ok, let’s don’t give away the story of the movie). But later on her movie choices got paled against her off stage stuff. We still haven’t heard official reports about the latest pictures from the cultural representatives reaction.

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