I adore night out on the town. Some of the time night out on the town is just me, myself and I. It’s an opportunity to kick back and unwind without anyone else with a simple dinner and a glass of wine. Different times it falls into the more customary class (otherwise known as supper with another person). I attempt to treat myself in any event once every week to an excellent dinner that isn’t hurried or upsetting. The sort a night when you recollect to put on some music and light a flame or two and eat with an appropriate napkin. A few weeks are better then others, and after that there are weeks like this one, where I get to Friday in a hurricane and ponder where the week went. On days like these, I am grateful for simple ‘night out on the town’ dinners (ideal for along or together evenings). This is one of those. It meets up in 20 minutes. This leaves rest of the night to just be. Whether that is kicking up your feet a getting a decent book or a night when you fall into the arms of somebody you think about. A night when you can simply BE as one. No desires. No timetable. No huge kitchen tidy up. Simply the gentility of just being In a skillet soften margarine with olive oil. Praise the scallops dry utilizing a paper towel. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with paprika. I utilize a sweet paprika, yet utilize what you like best. A decent quality Spanish or Hungarian Paprika is a world separated from the stuff in the mass receptacles! Once the margarine blend is extremely hot, include the scallops. Cook for 2 minutes for each side (if scallops are 1 creep over, less on the off chance that they are littler, increasingly on the off chance that they are bigger) until seared on both sides however not exactly cooked through. Put the scallops on a bed of creamed cauliflower (see beneath). Add the almonds to the container and cook until the almonds are chestnut. Include the lemon squeeze and mix until joined. Beat the scallops with the almond spread sauce.

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